Monday, October 1, 2007

Betrayal. Recall anyone???

It appears that Mayor Tom Weisner (may his name go down in infamy) reneged on his promise to allow a free and open debate on the issuance of an occupancy permit for Planned parenthood in Aurora. To make matters worse, there are allegations that he leaked his decision to Planned Parenthood before he told anyone else. In addition, he refused to face his constituents and tell them of his decision. Instead, he held the press conference announcing his decision in a City Hall conference room behind closed doors -- again the Public was denied access. This cowardly act only serves to reinforce the perception that he is afraid of allowing the truth, and of facing the consequences of his decisions.

I hope he realizes that he has irreparably damaged his reputation with the citizens of Aurora by not allowing a free and open debate. It appears that he never intended to honor his word to the people of the City. It also appears that he is in bed with Planned Parenthood. Interesting development. It certainly begs the question, "Is there some unseen connection between Planned Parenthood and the Mayor?" What have they got on Tom Weisner that would cause him to disregard the firestorm of opinion against the abortuary, renege on his word, and perhaps commit political suicide? Does he think that his Obama connection will save him?

Meanwhile, we continue to pray. Tonight at 8:30 PM we gather, again, outside of the abortuary and implore the Lord of Life to fight for us.

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